Health Information and Supports

NICHE works with individuals and groups to offer opportunities for people to access appropriate health information and support. For more information about this area please contact Paula.

Health Groups

NICHE is open to all members of the community. Just call in for a cup of tea, some company, or group activities and projects. A Community Health Worker is available to welcome you and support you. NICHE provides access to a series of groups promoting wellbeing such as a tai chi group, which is gentle exercise that is good for mobility and relaxation; a women’s social and health group; relaxation sessions and yoga workshops. For group times please check our programme available here or ring NICHE on 021 4300135


Massage therapy is provided by an experienced panel of locally trained massage therapists. It is available in NICHE is for stress management, pain relief and for some particular physical treatments to people in the local community. Massage therapy take place on:

  • Tuesday Morning 10am till 1pm
  • Tuesday Evening  6pm till 9pm

Booking is essential. For more information please call Paula on 021-4300135 or email


Acupuncture is provided by Maria O’ Regan for the physical and mental health treatments. It takes place on:

  • Tuesday evenings from 5pm-8pm.

Booking is essential. For more information Please call Paula on 021-4300135 or email

Health information and supports

NICHE works in partnership with other organisation and individuals to organise information sessions on health topics of interest to people in the area.

NICHE provides assistance in understanding health services and can help and advice in situations when people are wondering where to go, who to speak to, or what to do next. We do this in a variety of different ways e.g explaining referral pathways, waiting lists, how to phrase letters or emails, or thinking through a conversation before making a phonecall or attending an appointment.

NICHE takes part in local promotion of National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS) through the Be Well Be Aware Community Screening Project. This involves hosting and providing information sessions to our own and other groups, taking part in training with the NCSS and improving awareness of screening programmes in innovative and creative ways. We have supported a number of local women to take part in peer advocacy training and these women participate in promotional work around the screening programmes.


Men’s Health Group